I’ve had the privilege of working with some amazing people in my career. These are testimonials from some of the people who I’ve most enjoyed collaborating with.

I've worked with Mason for almost 2 years, but he was my teacher first. He's incredibly patient and truly gives his all to help novice developers learn their new craft. His capacity to motivate his team is limitless and he constantly encourages and supports growth both in and out of the office. He's an outstanding leader and mentor who I feel fortunate to know.

Emma Converse-Hunter, Rubyist at Supercollider / OffSite

I've known Mason for 10 years and worked with him at 3 different companies. Mason has a sharp intellect, he's a wise developer, a thoughtful leader, and can inject joy and laughter into any situation, especially when it's needed most.

Brent Dillingham, VP of Site Reliability at Kajabi

Working for Mason redefined my expectations of a leader. He put his people first and found ways to keep us motivated on the long days/sprints. There were times I felt he believed in me more than I believed in myself; as a junior developer on a new team, I really needed that.

Danielle Stanton, Channel Systems Engineer at Poly

Mason has the amazing talent to mentor, encourage, teach, and empower early career developers. He has been a great mentor to me since 2016 and his leadership, compassion, and motivation have been instrumental in shaping my career as a software developer.

Kara Mansel, Software Engineer at Grace Hill

I've founded 3 businesses with Mason and have personally seen him lead more than 10 major software projects in the time I've known him. His technical acumen is bar-none, but the quality I appreciate most in working with him is his ability to apply deep understanding of business models to feature roadmaps and development process. Along with his technical and business leadership abilities, Mason has strong leadership skills and has run technical and non-technical departments across multiple businesses. In my 10+ years as an entrepreneur, I've rarely seen or worked with someone who can lead at an executive level and execute at a technical level.

Eric Dodds, Partner at Yield Group